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Shipwreck treasure file released

The latest addition to the Odyssey Marine Exploration Web site: Two new papers on the SS Republic shipwreck project.

The completion of the archaeological excavation of a shipwreck site does not signal the end of work on the project. Additional research and the conservation and documentation process can continue for many years. Although the marine operations and field archaeological teams completed their work on Odyssey's SS Republic project in early 2005, Odyssey's archaeologists, conservation team, researchers, curator, and historians have been continuing work on this groundbreaking project.

In our ongoing effort to share the excitement, knowledge and treasures that we discover, two new scientific papers that detail some of the work on the SS Republic project have just been released: The Shipwreck of the SS Republic (1865) Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology, which include Part 1: Fieldwork & Site History and Part 2: Cargo.

To read these latest papers, or any of Odyssey's Archaeological Publications, please visit