It's Showtime!

The Pursuit S 368 Sport.

The Pursuit S 368 Sport.

What is one thing you can you do when it’s too cold to go out on the water? Take a trip to a boat show, that’s what. With a long list of exciting events to look forward to this year, including shows in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Miami, Florida, and Palm Beach, Florida, now is a great time to discover which new models interest you. Then you can plan out which shows to attend to see them in person.

To get the scoop on the fresh new models that will make their debuts at this season’s shows, read Soundings’ October 2017 It’s Showtime feature; it’s got all the details on when and where to find them, as well as each boat’s particulars.

You can also enjoy the following boat show video roundups, each of which detail specific classes of new boats you can check out at the fall and winter shows.


Multihull Sailboats:

Monohull Cruisers and Pocket-Sized Sailboats: