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Signal your intentions

A tall ship gathering and festival off Norfolk, Va., provided the setting for a most unusual nautical marriage proposal last Friday, according to a report in The Virginian-Pilot.

Hank Moseley, 31, chief mate aboard the newly launched Schooner Virginia, asked his fiancé, Kaia Danyluk, 31, the boatswain on board the tall ship Godspeed, to marry him. What made the moment particularly special for the two sailors is that Moseley conveyed his proposal using signal flags.

“She knew that it was coming at some point, but she didn’t know when or how,” Moseley told the newspaper.

With help from the crew of both ships as each prepared for a Parade of Sail into Norfolk, Danyluk was asked to translate the flags flying from Virginia’s masts, according to the report.

She decoded the message: “Marry me Kaia.”

After shouting “Yes” across the water, Danyluk raised three signal flags on the Godspeed that confirmed her affirmative answer.

Both crews celebrated and fired cannons in salute. Bagpipers aboard another tall ship serenaded the couple, according to the report.

Moseley then took a small boat over and boarded the Godspeed, where he made a traditional proposal.

A wedding date has yet to be set.