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Simrad rolls out new radar system

Simrad Yachting unveiled its closely guarded Halo Pulse Compression Radar product, which it calls “the world’s first high-performance solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology.”

Geared toward the recreational and light marine markets, Halo is the next step in radar technology, the manufacturer said, delivering the near range of broadband radar and the distant range of open array in one package, with faster warm-up, lower power consumption and no harmful radiation emissions.

“The world of recreational radar has taken another quantum leap forward,” Navico CEO Leif Ottosson said in a statement. “By introducing the Halo Pulse Compression Radar system, we have given boaters the best possible combination of features, providing the perfect mix of near and distant range, reliability and resolution without the associated warm-up time, power consumption, maintenance or harmful emissions.”

The company said Halo provides navigational visibility and awareness, as close as 20 feet, within the pulse radar’s short-range “blind spot,” where once only broadband radar could operate, while offering long-range performance as far as 72 nautical miles.

Unlike traditional pulse radars, Halo does not rely on a high-powered magnetron or vacuum tube to transmit a signal, allowing it to produce a crystal-clear, accurate radar image instantly from standby and in 16 to 25 seconds after power-up, the company said.

Halo is scheduled for availability from authorized dealers later this year. The 3-foot array is priced at $4,500; the 4-foot model is $5,000; and the 6-foot array is $5,500.