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Sinking boat damages reef

JUNE 12 — Nearly 11,000 square feet of coral reef off Cancun, Mexico, was severely damaged last week when a disabled tourist boat and the vessel that was towing it partially sank.

The tourist boat, owned by the Dolphin Discoverycompany, began taking on water last Tuesday between Cancun and Isla de Mujeres, an Associated Press report says. A local towing service was contacted to bring the ailing boat to shore.

There were no reports of injuries in the mishap, which was being investigated.

The tourist boat continued to sink and apparently pulled the tow boat down along the reef as it went under, a member of Mexico’s environmental department says in the report. The reef, which is rich with marine life, attracts tourists from around the world.

“It is hard blow to the environment,” a environmental department member says in the report.

Jason Fell