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Sixty-One-Year-Old Will Attempt to Row Across the Atlantic


Peter Harley is not crazy, although what he plans to do may seem like it.

The 61-year-old South Africa native, who resides in Cary, North Carolina, will attempt a solo row of 4,000 miles on the open ocean to cross from Virginia Beach to La Trinité Sur-Mer, France.

“It’s only been ever attempted twice. Both unsuccessful,” Harley said of the route from Hampton Roads.

The first known attempt was in 1966 when two British journalists set off in a 15-foot rowboat. They were never seen again. Their boat was found months later off Newfoundland. The second attempt in 2018 did not result in a fatality. The rower was rescued by a Dutch cargo ship.

Harley will be using a 24-foot boat that was designed for ocean rowing. He’s been training for nearly two years, is fit, and has done his planning.

He hopes to raise $750,000 for three charities, 5 Gyres, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society.

You can read more in the Virginian-Pilot.



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