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Skipper of lost boat fires back at critics

Norwegian adventure sailor, Jarle Andhøy, 33, skipper/owner of Berserk, the yacht that is presumed lost in the Southern Ocean since Feb. 21, has strongly refuted most of the claims made recently by other experienced Antarctic seafarers.

Both Skip Novak, a well-known round-world racing sailor, and Don McIntyre, Australian arctic adventurer, have been quoted recently criticizing many aspects of the Berserk expedition.

In the ill-fated voyage, it is thought that three of the crew, left on Berserk anchored in Horseshoe Bay while the other two crew made a dash by All Terrain Vehicle (quad bikes) for the South Pole, are lost and the vessel sunk.

Jarle Andhøy denies many of the claims that have been made by the pair.

"I am perturbed about the false claims," he said. "For the sake of the families of my crew who were lost, the true facts must be known."

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