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Skye Castle materials


WEST System epoxy resin 105

WEST System 205 fast hardener (used for all lamination, since temperature was cool)

WEST System 206 slow hardener (used for applying the fiberglass cloth and the barrier coats, since it was warmer when I did this and the thinner epoxy was easier to work with)

WEST System 403 microfibers (used for all laminations and some building)

WEST System 406 colloidal silica (used for all fillets)

WEST System 407 Low-Density (used for all fairing)

Acetone (for cleaning tools)

Awlgrip primer

Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 paint, Cloud White

Interlux Brightside paint, Kingston Gray

Tools and supplies

Orbital sander

Fein Multimaster (for precision and difficult cutting, sanding hard-to-reach areas)

Shop vacuum, with sander attachments

Drywall tray (used to mix and apply epoxy for fairing)

Knee pads

Boxes of disposable gloves

Safety glasses and face masks

Solvent-resistant gloves (for washing tools in acetone)

5-gallon buckets

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