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Solar-powered boat reaches the Canadian coast

After leaving Boston on July 4, the gigantic solar-powered catamaran aptly named PlanetSolar is continuing her DeepWater scientific expedition and reached Halifax, Nova Scotia, on July 15.

This 11-day sail enabled the three-scientist team members from the University of Geneva and one researcher from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to observe and analyze the phenomenon of ocean eddies.

This stopover in Nova Scotia, which represents the ship’s northernmost point thus far, will allow PlanetSolar to disseminate her positive message about the use of solar energy, and raise public awareness about climate change. The ship should remain moored at Waterfront Development until July 23.

“We moved away from the North American coast by performing a series of zigzags across the Gulf Stream to allow the scientists to intercept these vortices,” explains Gérard d’Aboville, captain of the ship. This eddy hunt led to an extensive collection of data, both in the water and in the air.

Click here for the full report with photos of the vessel.