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Sole survivor of Gulf boating accident finally tells his story

The lone survivor of the boating accident that took the lives of three football players gave his first news interview since being rescued from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in March.

In an lengthy interview on HBO's "Real Sports" broadcast Tuesday night, Nick Schuyler recounted the ordeal of the fishing trip that ended with a capsized boat and three of his friends - William Bleakley, Oakland Raider Marquis Cooper and Detroit Lion Corey Smith - lost at sea. See the video clip here, via Deadspin.

The approximately 20-minute report addresses the multiple mistakes they made, documented in the May issue of Soundings.

One revelation in the HBO report was Schuyler says he became seasick so he was bundled in clothing from head to toe, while the other wore shorts and T-shirts. He says he has no doubt that was the difference between his life and death.

Schuyler also gave a vivid account of his time clinging to the 20-foot, 9-inch Everglades center console's lower unit while seas raised then submerged the entire boat, lower unit and his head - only to pop back up.

He talked extensively about living with survivor's guilt.

The full interview will re-air on various HBO channels all week.