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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

JAN. 15 — A New Zealand sailor says a humpback whale that holed his trimaran tried to say it was sorry before swimming away.

The man’s new 33-foot trimaran, Loose Goose, was pushing ahead about 80 miles off western New Zealand when he was woken by a loud noise, an Australian Associated Press story says. He ran up to the deck and saw a humpback whale about a foot away from the boat. A hole was punched in the bow.

“A big male humpback whale, a big bull, just nosed up to the boat, and we stood there and looked at each other for about 30 seconds, and then he just sunk and swam under the boat,” the man says in a news report.

It was hard for the sailor to stay mad at the whale, he says. “I got vibes off him. I thought he was trying to say, ‘Sorry mate. I didn’t mean to.”

As Loose Goose began to take on water the man activated his distress beacon, the AAP story says. He was hoisted from the boat by a helicopter rescue crew about five hours later.

Jason Fell