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Soundings e-newsletter launches with ethanol focus

Soundings magazine launched its new e-newsletter Tuesday, and the focus of the first issue is the controversial topic of ethanol-blended gasoline.

"Dispatches" is a new electronic publication from the Essex, Conn.-based consumer boating magazine. This first issue examines ethanol and its effect on marine engines, and encourages readers to speak out.
"Soundings has always been out in front on news and issues that affect boaters, and this new e-newsletter lets us inform readers immediately about breaking news," said editor Bill Sisson.

"The proposed increase of ethanol levels is not just a matter of maintenance problems; it also raises safety questions. That's why we're using the premier issue of Dispatches to inform our readers and encourage them to speak out by the July 20 deadline," he added.

Stories include:
• Coping with ethanol - tips to help protect your engine
• The rise of E10 - problems since 2005
• Editorial: Ethanol and boats are a bad marriage, by Bill Sisson
• 17 ways to save fuel

The print edition of Soundings magazine will continue to offer more in-depth analysis of news and issues that impact recreational boating, plus the features, columns, and how-to and safety advice that, for more than 45 years, readers have come to expect from Soundings.

"Dispatches keeps recreational boaters informed about issues, incidents and interesting developments across the country and around the world," said Sisson.

For information, contact Bill Sisson at