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Special deal on earning captain’s license

Sea School can train people to legally operate a boat up to 100 tons and can provide them with Coast Guard-approved training that leads to a captain's license.

For the month of February, Sea School is offering a two-for-one deal on tuition for classes in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This offer allows a student to be trained along with your spouse or significant other while paying only one fee. Class size is limited.

Lessons include Techniques of Seamanship, Aids to Navigation, Navigation, Knot Tying, Boat Equipment, Boating Terminology, Marine Weather, Rules of the Road, Radio Operation, Firefighting, Distress Signaling, Use of Flares, Use of Life Jackets, Survival Techniques, Anchoring and Boat Registration.

Completion of this course gets students a Coast Guard license called Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels. Students do not have to take the usual Coast Guard exam and SeaSchool assists with all Coast Guard paperwork. Students take Sea School's exam following one-two weeks of individual test preparation following the completion of the coursework.

The OUPV license is also known as the "6-Pack" License because holders of this license can only operate a six-passenger boat. The word "uninspected" indicates that the equipment and design are less regulated.

The school has been teaching mariners since 1977.