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Stealth Navy boat goes up for auction

The U.S. Navy is auctioning off the stealth boat that provided the inspiration for the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” though the buyer must break the ship down for scrap rather than stage any clandestine raids.

Sea Shadow was a 1983 project into marine stealth technology that, for almost 10 years, covertly sailed the oceans while avoiding radar detection. However, after hopes of donating the ship to a museum failed, the Navy decided scrapping it was the only way to dispose of it.

An ongoing auction — standing at $100,420 as of Monday – will see Sea Shadow sold off as scrap to the highest bidder. Set to end on Friday, the sale also includes the vast Hughes Mining Barge-1 in which the stealth ship was constructed from independently commissioned parts, so as to escape the watchful eye of Russian spy satellites.

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