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Stocking Stuffers


1. Aquapac 100-percent waterproof

headphones can be used with most portable listening devices, including your VHF radio. The ear bud-style headphones are submersible, comfortable and store on a neat floating key chain ($40,

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2. Freezer Safe is a compact (5 by 1 inch) digital recording thermometer that precisely monitors the temperature of your refrigerator or freezer. It allows you to optimize temperatures for reduced power consumption and track freezer temps while you aren’t on board ($29.95,


3. Purosol Sport/Marine is an enzyme-based, organic lens and optics cleaner that breaks the molecular bond that allows salt and grime to adhere to surfaces. It cleans and protects without harsh chemicals and is safe to use on electronics displays ($7.95,


4. The Buck 730 X-Tract multitool allows simple, one-handed access to its needle-nose pliers/wire cutter, can/bottle opener, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, and 3-inch stainless steel Buck blade. All tools easily lock in place for use ($50,


5. Quick Fist is a one-piece adjustable rubber clamp that mounts easily and can be used to secure tools and equipment. I use one (model No. 540) to secure a heavy wooden boat hook on board. It holds objects from 7/8 to 2-1/4 inches in diameter and weighing up to 22 pounds (two for $9.99). The Super Quick Fist (model No. 544) is designed for objects from 2-1/2 to 7-1/2 inches and weighing up to 50 pounds (one for $9.99,


6. The Fuel Whistle helps prevent the inadvertent spilling of gas or diesel while filling up. Installed in the tank’s vent line, it produces an audible whistle as the tank fills and stops when the tank is full, giving enough warning to stop before the vent line overflows. It comes with a money-back guarantee and is a definite environment saver ($29.95,


7. The RailLight is a solar-powered LED lantern with a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery and sensor that turns the light off during the day. It includes a rail clamp and adjustable C-clamp, allowing placement almost anywhere. I’ve used it on the flybridge rail of my trawler and in the cockpit of my center console. It charges during daylight hours and can be used all night, either on deck or down below ($29.99,


8. The water-activated self-inflating Key Buoy deploys a 14-inch orange float to keep your key ring from sinking if dropped overboard. It will float up to 4.2 ounces and maintains buoyancy for about 40 minutes ($6.99,


9. DuraSafe offers keyed locks that can help prevent the theft of your on-board GPS, chart plotter or other electronics that use a mounting bracket. By replacing one of the mounting knobs with the Electronics Lock, your electronics will no longer be easy to remove from their mounts. DuraSafe manufactures several models that fit most popular electronics brands ($18.99-$21.99, ).