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Stolen boat used for Hurricane Katrina rescues

OCT. 18 — A Louisiana man who had his boat stolen during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina now has reason to be happy.

Ward Howard, on a recent trip back to New Orleans, discovered his 24-foot Skeeter abandoned on a street in Orleans Parish, a news report says. A note written on the side of the boat read: “This boat rescued over 400 people — thank you!”

Howard reportedly bought the boat with two friends and was storing it in a garage on the street in New Orleans on which it was discovered, according to the report. By the time all three owners made it to the city initially after the storm, the boat had disappeared. The trio assumed a cleaning crew had cleared the boat or looters with a trailer had taken it, the report says.

Howard says he’s happy they were able to somehow help in the rescue effort. “In light of all the suffering and all the devastation, we had a boat that made a contribution,” Howard says in the report.

Skeeter and the Louisiana State Museum have reportedly expressed interested in having the boat for display purposes.

Jason Fell