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Stolen luxury yacht is stuck on reef

A salvage crew is working to remove a yacht that was stolen and run aground on a reef outside Kaloko-Hono¬ko¬hau National Historical Park on Hawaii island.

The 47-foot yacht, The Corsaire, has a market value of nearly $500,000, boat owner Laura Mascari said.

The boat was stolen Sunday from Hono¬ko¬hau Small Boat Harbor in Kailua-Kona, West Hawaii Today reported. A Big Island man, Richard Sherwood, has been charged with felony theft in the case.

Prosecutors say Sherwood boarded The Corsaire with his guitar and luggage, broke into the vessel and asked a fisherman to help him move it out of a slip. He maneuvered north out of the harbor and made it about three miles to the reef.

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