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Storm clouds on the Florida anchoring horizon

Most who are familiar with the developments in recent years of the Florida anchoring drama know that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission solicited the public via meetings and a survey this year. Those recommendations can be found at

As the 2015 Florida legislative session gets under way, the Seven Seas Cruising Association is reminding boaters that they face what some believe will be an uphill battle between legislators who want to establish anchoring setbacks from residential property and pro-boating legislators who want to preserve anchoring options for those who cruise in the state.

With Senator Dean’s filing on 27 February of SB1548,, the legislative squall is now visible to the boating public and, as currently written, is not a friendly bill to boaters who anchor in Florida waters, the group says.

“Boaters need to prepare to speak up and address upcoming bills that may severely limit anchoring in Florida waters,” the group urges. “If you are a registered voter in Florida, please let your representative and the Senate and House Committees know your concerns. If you anchor in Florida, please express your concern to the Florida legislature who will likely have the anchoring issue before them this month.”

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