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Stranded ice fisherman is lucky to be alive

An ice fisherman from northern Wisconsin who was stranded on Lake Superior clinging to a piece of ice the size of an ambulance said on Friday he feels lucky to be alive.

Skip Wick, 80, and Mike Popko, 61, were fishing 500 feet from shore when 8- to 12-foot waves rolled in and cracked the 12-inch thick ice last Saturday at Saxon Harbor, about 24 miles east of Ashland, Wis.

"It was something you had no warning for - it was a dead sea and then, all of a sudden, the ice is breaking up," said Wick, a retired industrial arts teacher and an experienced ice fisherman.

"When that big master wave was coming, it sounded like the roar of a jet. I've been on floes before and had to take a boat to safety, but this was like something I had never seen. If you fell into the water, you were done."

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