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‘Stripper boat’ finds success in wild Alaska

It’s not a common business model, but turning a crab boat into an offshore strip club seems to be a hit in Kodiak, Alaska.

“Business has been wildly successful,” owner Darren Byler told KTVA News. “We, of course, are in a big fishing port, we cater to a variety of commercial fishermen.”

A water taxi brings passengers to the boat, which charges $20 per hour as a charter fee. Only 12 customers can be on the Wild Alaskan at one time.

Byler said he expected that Kodiak’s only strip club would receive some negative attention when it started up. He says law enforcement agencies and the Coast Guard went too far when they briefly closed the club just a few days after it was up and running. Someone complained there were too many people aboard the water taxi.

“It was really embarrassing to us as a new business,” Byler said. But Byler seems to have fixed any issues and the club is open again.

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