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Study identifies common sailing injuries

A study from Rhode Island Hospital, published in the journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, shines a light on how sailors are becoming injured on boats both small and large.

Researchers pieced together a report of the injuries that occur on two types of boats - dinghies (small boats with crews of one or two) and keel boats (larger boats like those used in the America's Cup races with a crew of up to 16).

With a total of 1,860 respondents, there were a total of 1,715 injuries reported, with 79 percent of the sailors reporting at least one injury in the prior 12 months. Of the injuries reported, a large majority (71 percent) occurred on keelboats. The most common types of injuries on both keelboats and dinghies were contusions, lacerations and sprains. On keelboats, the upper and lower extremities accounted for 78 percent of all injuries, with another 11 percent occurring on the trunk.

For dinghies, the upper and lower extremities again were most commonly injured sites, while the head and neck also accounted for 12 percent of the injuries.

Click here for the full report.