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Survey seeks data on saltwater fishing boats

Bonnier Custom Insights conducted its second annual Boat Builder Survey in conjunction with Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing and Marlin magazines to provide a boat buyers’ guide.

Launched in 2013, the survey asks consumers to evaluate more than 150 manufacturers in the saltwater fishing-boat segment.

Through email blasts and social media posts, more than 5,000 participants optioned to take a survey that generated more than 25,000 responses regarding their experiences and perceptions of boat brands used for saltwater fishing, according to Bonnier Custom Insights.

Demographics captured in the marketplace were catered to age, gender, household income, place of residence, average number of vacations per year, boat ownership, quantity and insurance coverage, fishing experience and more.

Boats were evaluated for their design, fishability, performance and value, and respondents rated individual attributes on a scale from poor to excellent.

By conducting this study year-over-year, Bonnier Custom Insights said it is able to evaluate how brand perceptions change and how purchase intent shifts over time.