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Survivors recount fight to keep boat afloat

A five-member deer hunting party out of Petersburg, Alaska, whose 34-foot cabin cruiser was damaged and sank in rough seas Dec. 19, are crediting their survival to boating experience, calm reactions and a prompt Coast Guard rescue.

The Coast Guard pulled two of them from the water - one with severe hypothermia - and three from a Whitney Island beach where they'd landed in an inflatable lifeboat. One of the five was trapped in the cabin by a wave as the boat rolled over.

Sitting helplessly in a small Zodiac life raft, Mara Cisney looked on in horror as her friend was slammed into the pilothouse of their doomed vessel by a massive wave.

The boat instantly tilted stern-first into the water, the pilothouse door submerging beneath the 40-degree water, trapping her friend Kevin Kivisto inside the sinking Sandy M.

She assumed he was gone.

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