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Waterskiing requires a boat with low-end torque, top-end performance and powerful engines. Powered by triple Suzuki DF350 outboards, a towboat recently pulled 16 trios (or 48 waterskiers) to set a new world record. The 2022 Big Pull waterskiing event took place in Mosinee, Wisconsin. The towboat completed the record-setting attempt for a single boat by doing two lifts.

The DF 350 outboard has a large-displacement V-6 block and dual contra-rotating propellers. The twin-propeller design provides a superior “grip” on the water, which allows the engine’s power to be more focused on forward movement.

“We’re proud to be the power of choice behind this record-setting effort,” said George Blakely, executive vice president of sales & service for Suzuki Marine USA. “Successfully lifting 16 trios of skiers not once, but twice, is quite a feat of waterskiing expertise and teamwork. Congratulations to the boat drivers, the entire support team and all the skiers in the Big Pull."

The Big Pull group has been setting world records since 1999 and attracts waterskiers from across the country. 

Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Marine



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