Follow Beneteau’s 1,000-mile Swift Pacific Adventure

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For those who live on the U.S. East and Gulf coasts, it’s easy to forget about the wild and wonderful cruising found a few thousand miles (depending on where you live) to the west. From the vast swaths of gorgeous beaches in Los Angeles, California, and San Diego, California, to the rugged coastline of Big Sur and the majesty of the San Juan islands, the West Coast can be a truly rewarding area to cruise.

Beneteau is exploring the area by taking the newest member of its Swift Trawler lineup—the Swift Trawler 47—on an epic cruise along more than 1,000 miles of West Coast coastline. Along for the ride is renowned wildlife photographer Doc White, who will capture the beauty of both the landscape and the aquatic and land animals that live there. 

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The boat started the voyage in Seattle, Washington, in early May and is bound for San Diego, California, where it is expected to arrive in late May. You can follow the journey and learn more about the boat by clicking here