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Swimming dog fished out of the bay

The Miklasz family say they still cannot understand why they didn’t notice their beloved pet missing for 45 minutes.

Zorro, their two-year-old black poodle, was cruising Chesapeake Bay with his owners aboard their 43-foot Cranchi powerboat, St. Anthony’s Aqua Raider, Tuesday when he fell into the water, according to a report in The Capital newspaper.

The Crownsville, Md., family was staying in the cabin because of the chilly weather and didn’t notice Zorro missing until they stopped to refuel in the South River, according to the report. They called the Coast Guard at about 5:30 p.m.

“I have no idea how it happened,” says Hanan Miklasz in the report. “I have no idea how he fell off the boat.”

Petty Officer Dennis Phillips says normally they don’t look for dogs, but there was a crew in the area on a Coast Guard cutter that was available to pitch in and help find what might be the impossible — a black dog in fading light. The family retraced their steps and searched as well and, 20 minutes later, the Coast Guard called with news they had found Zorro, according to the report.

“He was still swimming,” says Phillips. “I was shocked that we found him.”

Zorro was given a hearty dinner and kept him warm throughout the night. So far, the little dog has shown no signs of injury or distress from the long swim, according to the report.

That same day, the Coast Guard also rescued two people and two dogs from the disabled powerboat Sassy near Santa Barbara Island,Calif. The cutter enabled all passengers to come aboard and transport pets and owners safely to shore, according to a recent press release.

— Elizabeth Ellis