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Swimming suspect is collared

Coast Guard officials rescued a man last Monday who was attempting to escape local police by swimming across Puerto Rico’s San JuanBay.

William Vega, who is 23 and of San Juan, apparently ducked under the water twice while swimming across the bay, a Coast Guard report says. Vega was found earlier trespassing in a local church.

SectorSan JuanJointRescueSubCenter was notified of the chase and launched a 25-foot response boat, according to the release. On scene, officials reportedly found Vega in the water and struggling to stay afloat. The officials pulled Vega onto the boat, at about 1:30 a.m., and transported him to a local pier where police were waiting for him.

“We are glad to be able to rescue Mr. William Vega from drowning as well as assist the Cataño Municipal Police in detaining him,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander James Langevin says in the release.

— Jason Fell