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Switching from old to new navigation

 Understanding Site Navigation Functionality

How the Original Navigation System works

1.Create the site navigation record

Ignore the following fields

§Level Placement


§Access Level

§Audience Type

§Display Status


§Site Modules

2.Go into either the Sites or the Audience Type module and open the respective site you want the new navigation item to show up in.

3.Locate the field Site Navigation and in the multi-select box look for and select the new navigation item you just created.

4.If you need certain modules to enumerate underneath your new navigation item, go into the module Admin > Site Modules and select a record. Find the field called Belongs To. In the multi-select box locate the navigation section you want the respective module to show under.

5.Load your Site/Audience Type and see your new Navigation Section created.

  • How the New Navigation System works
  1. Create the site navigation record

    Ignore the following fields

§Level Placement


2.You are now able to select what modules you want to enumerate under your navigation item here in the Site Navigation module.

3.Be sure to select what Site/Audience Type you want the navigation item to go to. As well as the Access Level and Display Status.

With this new system, you don’t need to worry about going into the Sites/Audience Type module. Once you submit the record the navigation item is ready.

How to control which method to use

Using the Site Property calledSite Navigation Source Control; you are able to do one of three things.

oSetting the value to 1 will use the original navigation system

oSetting the value to 2 will use the new navigation system

oSetting the value to 3 will use both methods of site navigation. Please be sure not to enter a site navigation item twice (meaning for each method).