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Tagging Great White Sharks off Nova Scotia


Great white shark researchers who recently tagged three great white sharks off the coast of Massachusetts are now searching the waters off Nova Scotia to tag more white sharks. This will be OCEARCH’s, fourth year in a row in eastern Canadian waters.

“We’ve learned this part of Atlantic Canada is very important to the Northwest Atlantic white shark population as a summer feeding ground,” said OCEARCH Chief Scientist Bob Hueter. “It’s all about the rich food resources there in summer, including fish, seals, and the occasional dead whale.” On a previous trip, the organization caught and tagged Nukumi, a great white that was a whopping 17.5 feet long and weighed 3,500 pounds.

The OCEARCH scientists will be off the eastern coast of Canada until the end of September. “Nova Scotia has become our favorite place to work in the Northwest Atlantic,” said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder and expedition leader. “The people’s commitment to objective science with an ocean first disposition is the most impressive we have seen anywhere in the world.

You can read more in this Boston Herald article and learn more about the expedition on the OCEARCH website where you can also track the sharks that have been previously tagged.



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