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Tara - The Final Tally

Date put in ice: Sept. 3, 2006

Date released from ice: Jan. 21, 2008

Position put in ice: 79° 53' N, 143° 17' E

Position released from ice: 74° 08' N, 10° 04' W

Number of drift days: 507

Number of miles covered during drift: 3,224

Number of miles covered in a straight line: 1,612

Greatest distance covered in 24 hours: 30.38 miles

Northernmost position reached: 88° 32' N, May 28, 2007 (100 miles from geographic North Pole)

Average ice thickness around Tara during the drift: 4.95 feet

Coldest temperature: minus 41.8 F

Warmest temperature: 48.2 F

Number of days above freezing: 50, between June 9 and Sept. 18, 2007

Days of complete night: 230

Days of complete daylight: 230

Number of bears spotted: 18

Weight of the boat at the beginning of the drift: 180 tons

Number of crewmembers who participated: 20 men and women

Average age of the crew during the expedition: 33 years old

Number of air shifts to Tara (to relieve crewmembers): one in April and one in

September 2007 (11 flights total)

Quantity of food embarked at Lorient: 8 tons stored in 210 cubic feet

Quantity of food brought to the boat during the shifts: 1 ton

Gallons of water needed per 24 hours: 52

Electric consumption per day: 8 kW/h

Daily consumption of fuel: 11.18 gallons