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Teen hopes to make history

AUGUST 4 - A British teenager is planning in November to become the youngest person to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

Michael Perham, who is 14 and of Potters Bar, England, intends to sail a 28-foot boat from Gibraltar to Antigua over the course of about four weeks, news reports say. Perham has reportedly wanted to make the passage since he was 10 when another teen, who was 15, set the record.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” Perham says in a news report. “I can’t wait to be on the water, and the thrill of being free.”

Perham, who has been sailing since he was six, will be followed during the passage by his father, Peter Perham, who is 46. He will sail a separate boat at a distance of two miles and keep in contact with his son over the radio.

“From the first time he stepped on a boat, he’s been a natural,” Peter Perham says in a report of his son.

In addition to sailing, Michael Perham will have to do his homework for school and send it to his teachers over e-mail, reports say. “People say he will go out a boy and come back a man,” Peter Perham says in a report.

— Jason Fell