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Tenacious fisherman lands thief

MARCH 30 -- What was supposed to be a relaxing breakfast at a local restaurant before a day of fishing Wednesday turned into a recovery mission after a Tennessee man spotted another man driving away with his boat.

Darvin York jumped out of his seat and sprinted through the doors of the Hardee’s restaurant in Trenton, Tenn., where he had been eating breakfast, news reports say. “I just couldn’t believe it,” York says in a report. “At first I thought it was a practical joke, you know, because that’s happened before … with friends of mine, but that wasn’t the case this time.”

“He took off running just as fast as he could and his car was driving off without him,” a restaurant employee who saw the incident says in the report. “That was crazy … it was just really random.”

Outside the restaurant, York managed to catch up to the moving car and trailer and jumped into the back of his boat, reports say. He called 9-1-1 from his cell phone and police intercepted the vehicle about 12 miles away.

“I wouldn’t say I’m brave,” York says in a news report. “I would just say that just somethin’ I done and I probably wouldn’t do it again.”

Police arrested the thief and charged him with theft by taking, which is a felony, according to reports. York reportedly spent the remainder of the day fishing.

“Like I told somebody, I could've caught no fish today and it still would've been a good day,” York says in a report.

Jason Fell