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Tenacious, venerable yacht won't stay down

The Southern Yacht Club is the country's second-oldest yacht club. Founded in 1849 in Pass Christian, Miss., the club relocated in 1878 to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. The clubhouse has been rebuilt five times since making the move. The most recent reconstruction was the most challenging and emotional transition the club has ever faced in its long, storied history.

Aug. 29 will mark the fifth anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina left a trail of destruction in its path throughout the Gulf Coast. The club suffered the same fate as many other establishments in New Orleans, especially those who reside close to Lake Pontchartrain.

High winds and heavy flooding, including four feet of water greatly damaged the club. In the hours following the storm, a fire broke out and completely decimated the club. Trophies and priceless, historical artifacts were destroyed.

Click here for the full report - with links to a photo gallery and an evacuation plan - on how the club and its membership rebounded from catastrophe.