The Ferrari of the Sea is for Sale


In 1952, Achille Castoldi commissioned Cantieri Timossi to build a 3-point hydroplane so he could break the world speed record on the water for the 800-kg class.

He ordered a Ferrari V-12 engine and had the boat’s upper body painted in Ferrari Red. When Enzo Ferrari heard about it, he sent his chief engineer and a Formula One race-prepped Grand Prix engine to Castoldi to make the record happen.

Enzo Ferrari had the engine heavily modified to ensure it would smash the record. The boat went 150 mph—a record that still stands to this day—and the Arno XI remains the only Ferrari-powered boat built with Enzo Ferrari’s blessing.

Now you can buy it, but you better have at least a million dollars, or two. The boat sold for $973,000 in 2012, and since then, it’s been faithfully restored by Ferrari’s classic car department, Ferrari Classiche. It won’t be cheap to buy it, but dang it’s pretty.

You can read more about it here and see a video.