The Long Way Home

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This is not how Feeonaa Clifton of Auckland, New Zealand, and her husband, Neville, had envisioned their honeymoon.

The plan was to spend two weeks in the Falkland Islands where Neville had been born, then fly to South America for a month. They made it to the Falklands, but when the pandemic struck their flights to South America and New Zealand were cancelled.

They spent 12 weeks in the Falklands in lockdown with an elderly aunt. To pass the time, they hiked every hill in sight.

To get home, they hitched a ride aboard a New Zealand fishing boat, crossing the Southern Ocean in winter.


Feeonaa had never slept on a boat before, and the trip took a month. The captain was nervous about taking the couple on his 125-foot boat around Cape Horn and through a part of the ocean he calls “Middle Earth.”

You can read more about the couple’s fascinating experience in this Associated Press story by Nick Perry on the USA Today website.



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