The Right Boat for Lake Como

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Just as you need the right tool for the job, you also need the right boat for the experience. You wouldn’t use a tugboat to go waterskiing and you wouldn’t use a canoe to go deep-sea fishing.

So, when you visit Italy’s Lake Como, you need to see it from the water on a proper boat, like a lovely, wooden, Italian-made motorboat. Say, a Riva.

Now you can rent a Riva on Lake Como. Il Sereno, a modern luxury hotel on the lake, commissioned Cantiere Ernesto Riva to build two Riva Jettos, which are small, beautifully varnished outboard-powered motorboats. Hotel guests can rent a Riva Jetto to tool around the lake themselves, or they can hop on a larger wooden water limousine the hotel also commissioned to ferry guests to various locations.

So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when you’re on Lake Como, use a Riva.

You can read more about the hotel and the boats on the Sereno Hotels website. If you want to know more about visiting Lake Como, this feature from is a great read.