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The Top 10 costliest ways boats come to grief

It's a cross between the “CSI” and “Cold Case” TV show crime dramas — taking a look back through the thousands of dusty, old settled boat insurance claims files to identify patterns that can teach today's boaters how to avoid becoming a statistic.

That's exactly what the BoatUS Marine Insurance publication, Seaworthy, did in the recent feature, "Top Ten BoatUS Marine Insurance Program Claims," which appears in the October 2013 issue.

"The last time BoatUS did such a detailed analysis was in 2005, and this kind of information is not available from anyone else in the industry," said Seaworthy Editor Beth Leonard, "The time seemed right to revisit our findings and share them with boaters so they can learn from other's mistakes."

Click here for the full report, which includes a Top 10 countdown of the most claimed cause for damaged boats.