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The ultimate contest between man and sea

Antarctic swells, gusting winds, big fish and shallow depths make Australia’s Bass Strait a challenging passage.

It's been likened to the Bermuda Triangle where weather conditions change rapidly and boats disappear. The threat of sharks, strong winds and huge waves is not enough to deter two Australians and one American paddler from an ambitious attempt to become the first in the world to paddleboard across the Bass Strait.

A Date With the Strait is a roughly 150-180 mile paddle through the Bass Strait between Southern Australia and Tasmania.
The Bass Strait, one of the most treacherous bodies of water in the world, with its exposure to the Southern Ocean and shallow depths routinely causes problems for sailors on even the largest vessels.

Yet world champion paddleboarders Zeb Walsh, Jack Bark and Brad Gaul began their journey to cross the Strait yesterday using only their hands and arms to power their 12-foot Bark Commanders.

"This is our Everest," explained Walsh. "No one's ever done it before. I guess it's almost like pioneering the adventure paddle ... we're the guinea pigs to see how hard it is and if it can be done.”

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