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The Yellow School Boat

In the Philippines, a charitable organization provides yellow school boats to children, so they don’t have to swim to school.

We’ve all heard stories of how grandpa or grandma had to walk five miles to school through three feet of snow—or some variation of that tale.

In the Philippines, kids don’t have to deal with snow, but some of them have to wade through water and even resort to swimming to get to their schools.

To address that, the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation provides boats to kids, so they can get to school without getting their school uniforms or books wet. Today, the organization also builds schools and bridges, uses boats to send mobile classrooms to the kids, and provides scholarships and school supplies. Since March 2011, the group has built 4,600 yellow boats for 129 communities.

You can read about it on or go to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation website.



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