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Think big

MAY 7 — A Colorado man who spent a decade building the boat of his dreams in his backyard was faced with a dilemma this month when he realized the vessel was too big for him to move from his property to the water.

In order to remove the boat from his backyard, the man hired a crane operator to hoist the 32-foot motorsailer up and over his house and onto a flatbed truck, Denver’s Channel 7 News reported. A number of the man’s neighbors gathered to watch the spectacle.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Why’d you build such a big boat,’” the man says in the report. “I’ve always heard people only build one boat. After one they won’t build another one, so I hope this one’s big enough.”

The man says he spent about $67,000 building the boat, which weighs about 24,400 pounds fully loaded. The man and his wife apparently plan to sail to San Carlos, Mexico. After a layover, the pair will set off on a circumnavigation.

“That’s it. We’re going cruising,” the man says in the report. “We’re outta here.”

To see video and pictures of the boat being hoisted, click here.

Jason Fell