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Three boaters dead, one rescued after search

One boater was rescued Thursday evening and three others were located deceased Friday morning after search crews from the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Canadian, state and local agencies searched Oneida Lake, N.Y., for the boaters who were ejected from their powerboat after reportedly hit a dayboard Thursday evening.

The boat partially submerged boat was salvaged on Saturday.

Click here for the official Coast Guard release.

It was a "guys’ day," a celebration of family and summer. Three boys and their dad took a 20-foot powerboat out on the central New York lake where they grew up, partly to mark the oldest boy's upcoming engagement.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the skipper might have been distracted by fireworks. He looked away for a second and hit the concrete base of a buoy, wrecking the boat and sending all four men into the water. None wore a lifejacket.