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'Throw the kid!' Good Samaritans rescue four from fiery yacht

Four people were rescued Saturday evening by Good Samaritans after their yacht caught fire off the coast of Galveston, Texas.

All four victims are reported to be okay. One of the Good Samaritans said he was going fishing with his friends when they saw the boat was on fire.

He spoke with KHOU 11 News just hours later and explained what happened: "There was four people, there was a mom and son and her husband and I believe her father. The son looked to be about six years old,” the charter skipper told KHOU 11 News. “So, first my instinct was to get him off the boat and onto mine. So the whole boat was in flames. I went straight up, real close to it, and I was yelling 'Throw the kid! Throw the kid!' They finally got the kid in the water and the mom jumped shortly after him. We got those two aboard my boat. My first instinct was get outta there, get outta there with the kid, the boat's on fire," he said.