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Tips for a Maine ‘walkabout cruise’

Warren Island

The state moorings are free. Donations welcome. Lots of roots cross the trails, but otherwise the walk is easy and suitable for children. Arrive by midafternoon. Anchoring not recommended.

Blue Hill

KYC can provide a ride to the trail head, if the dock crew is not busy. Call ahead to find out. I gave the driver a $20 tip, which she contributed to the crew’s snack fund. Physically fit hikers out for a day can easily do the climb without a ride. Bring a bag or pail for blueberries. Though the grade is steep, I saw plenty of kids with their parents. If you get a ride from the club, carry a cell phone or a handheld VHF to call for a pick-up.

Northeast Harbor’s

Asticou Gardens

Free admission. Donations welcome. No dogs allowed. Children must be supervised. Contrary to information in some guides, it is not possible to call ahead to reserve a mooring in Northeast Harbor. Call the Northeast Harbor Mooring Agent on VHF channel 09 when close to the harbor. Arrive by early afternoon.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor offers moorings and dockage, as do some private businesses. Call the harbormaster on VHF channel 09 or (207) 288-5571. Take the dinghy to a small T-dock on the south side of the town pier. The dinghy dock on the north side is crowded. Be warned: Wakes make the harbor rolly. Though a couple miles out of town, the Bar Harbor Yacht Club in Hulls Cove may be more comfortable. If a mooring is not available, anchor in 24 feet at low. You’ll need a taxi to get into town.

Tour Bus Companies

National Park Tours: (207) 288-0300

Oli’s Trolley: (207) 288-9899