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Titanic survivor dies in England at 96

NOV. 13 — Though she was only a year old when the great ship sank, Barbara West Dainton knew how lucky she was to be alive.

One of the last two known survivors of the Titanic wreck of 1912, Dainton died at 96 in a nursing home in Camborne, England, Oct. 16 and her funeral was held Nov. 5, according to the Associated Press.

Dainton never knew her father, Edwy Arthur West, who was one of the 1,500 people who died in the icy waters of the Atlantic that fateful night. The last time Dainton, her mother, Ada, and her sister Constance saw West was when they waved goodbye to him from a lifeboat being lowered into the ocean, according to Karen Kamuda of the Titantic Historical Society in Indian Orchard, Mass. West’s body was never recovered.

Dainton shunned publicity of her association with one of the worst shipwrecks of all time, and even insisted that her funeral take place before any announcement to media sources was made, according to the report.

“We respected her privacy,” stated Kamuda in the report. “We’re so open with everything and our emotions nowadays but people at that time, they just didn’t talk about it.”

The last known survivor of the Titanic is Elizabeth Gladys “Millvina” Dean of Southampton, England, who was 2 months old when it sank, according to the Titanic Historical Society.

— Elizabeth Ellis