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Top 10 boat names listed

Boat names can reveal much about the personality, passion, or experiences of a boat owner. This year the BoatU.S. list of Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names is particularly revealing:

1. Seas the Day
2. Summer Daze
3. Second Chance
4. Aqua-Holic
5. Wind Seeker
6. Dream Weaver
7. Black Pearl
8. Hydrotherapy
9. The Salt Shaker
10. Sea Quest

As an added bonus, the editors of BoatU.S. Magazine voted the following boat names to be the most humorous:

1. What College Fund?
2. Stocks-N-Blonds
3. Anchor Management
4. Sweet Em-Ocean
5. Knotty Buoy
6. Reel-e-Fish-ent
7. A-Frayed Knot
8. O-Sea-D
9. A-Loan-Again
10. Really Big Car

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