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Top 10 recreational boat names listed

FEB. 7 —For the first time a Spanish name has made the Boat Owners Association of the United States’ Top Ten List of Boat Names. “Pura Vida,” which means “pure life,” came in fifth on the list.

“Whether you speak Spanish or have a Latin surname, hispanic boaters are becoming an ever-increasing part of recreational boating,” BoatU.S. president Jim Ellis says in a news release. “Boating crosses all the cultural lines, and as population demographics shift in America, each new group bound by language, region or history is discovering the fun and enjoyment boating offers all of us.”

The other most-popular boat names on the 2005 list are “Seas the Day” (1), “Aquaholic” (2), “Island Time” (3), “Dragonfly” (4), “Encore” (6), “Black Pearl” (7), “Destiny” (8), “Serenity Now” (9) and “License to Chill” (10).

BoatU.S., the nation’s largest recreational boat owners association, has annually compiled the list since 1991.

— Jason Fell