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Tow service offers VHF auto-check service

Sea Tow Services International completed the installation of its Automated Radio Check boating safety service through its network of Sea Tow franchises and will make the free public service available nationwide through additional marine outlets.

Boaters now are able to obtain radio checks through the Sea Tow ARC service in major coastal boating markets across the United States. Sea Tow ARC is made possible because of the company’s ongoing relationship with marine communications specialist MariTel.

“It’s the same procedure you would use to get a radio check on Channel 9, but it doesn’t require a fellow boater or watchstander to answer your hail; it’s automated,” Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, founder, chairman and chief executive of Sea Tow Services International, said in a statement. “A properly working VHF is essential safety equipment on every boat. Equally important to boater safety in general is the fact that the ARC system helps reduce unnecessary chatter on channel 16.”

The next phase of the Sea Tow ARC program includes offering the service through additional marine outlets in areas throughout the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii where mariners widely use VHF communications.

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