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Tracking boat usage

JAN. 2 — More than 50 percent of boaters said they will continue their normal boating habits in 2007 despite increased economic and fuel prices, according to results of Sea Tow Services’ 2006 annual boater statistics survey.

“Of particular interest was that nearly 70 percent of our respondents this year were first-time Sea Tow survey participants,” Sea Tow communications director Ann Medford says in a press release. “However, their replies trended in line with our results from last year.”

Survey results showed a 10-percent increase in respondents looking to upgrade boats from last year, the release says. The survey also revealed that nearly 40 percent of respondents spent more time on the water this year than last year, more than 80 percent plan on going to boat shows this season and that fishing remains the top pastime.

The survey results are based on the first 1,000 respondents to complete Sea Tow’s annual online survey, the company says in the release. Sea Tow considers the survey results as an indicator of the general boating public’s needs, habits and lifestyles.

Jason Fell