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Trans-Atlantic crossing in a 16-foot boat — again

Two months after extreme sailor Harald Sedlacek set a record with an 87-day Atlantic crossing from Spain to Florida in a 16-foot sailboat, he made his way back to Europe on July 2 after a 46-day, 21-hour passage.

“Single-handed, nonstop and without any external assistance, sailing race from continent to continent,” Sedlacek announced on his website. “Two worldwide unique extreme sailing crossings of in total more than 10,000 nautical miles and more than 133 days in the sea!"

His boat, the Open16 named Fipofix, is made from a new recyclable material made out of volcanic fibers.

Skipper Sedlacek is the first extreme sailor to cross the North Atlantic in a 16-foot sailing boat from continent to continent from east to west single-handed, nonstop and without any external assistance.

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