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Tricon Marine opens shipyard in China

Tricon Marine, a builder of FRP/composite luxury yachts to 180 feet, completed construction of what it says is China’s "first and only" wholly North American owned-and-operated shipyard, located outside the city of Zhuhai in China’s Guangdong province.

Yachts currently under construction have been moved to the new facility, including Tricon’s next launch, a 92-foot offshore performance motoryacht commissioned by an undisclosed Tricon client. The launch will be unveiled during the official shipyard opening ceremony in the spring.

“With most segments in the shipbuilding industry contracting and consumers demanding greater value, our timing in offering a solution that addresses these needs and establishes a competitive offering couldn’t be better,” said Christos Livadas, chairman and CEO, in a statement.

“We intend to put China on the map as a place for world-class yacht construction as never before. Tricon Marine is committed to strictly adhering to client specifications and contractual obligations while offering unmatched craftsmanship at a price that sets a new value standard in the industry,” he added.

Tricon’s half-million square foot state-of-the-art complex is designed to operate at the highest American and European standards of craftsmanship, cleanliness and security. Tricon Marine will limit build-slots to a maximum of three yachts in simultaneous production for the next few years so that no detail is overlooked. The company can complete up to $60 million in work per year depending on the size of the yachts under construction.

The company currently has 120 employees and expects to grow its skilled labor pool to 210 workers during the next 18 months.